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Passport funds can be used for:

Community Participation Supports

Services and supports to assist people with activities of daily living (such as meal preparation and banking). People with Passport funds may also hire a worker to help them participate in social and recreational activities (e.g. sports), job and work-related activities, volunteer activities and other supports.

Activities of Daily Living

Services and supports to assist people to live as independently as possible with their family. Such supports may include hiring a worker to support the person in developing skills like meal preparation, personal hygiene, grooming, dressing and training related to using the bus, banking and other life skills.

Caregiver Respite

Services and supports to provide caregiver relief to the person’s primary unpaid caregiver; this can involve in-home and out-of-home activities.

Person-directed Planning (up to $2,500)

To hire a person-directed planner who will assist the person and their family in developing a written plan about the goals they have for themselves that builds on the person’s strengths and interests. The plan also states the supports needed to achieve the person’s goals.“A Guide on Person-Directed Planning – Creating a Good Life in Community” is a free resource that explains how to create a plan.Additional person-directed planning resources are also available at the Ontario Independent Facilitation Network website. This provincial network exists to inform, support and promote independent facilitation and planning in Ontario.

Administration of Funding (up to 10% of funds)

A maximum of up to 10% of the person’s Passport funding may be used for help managing your Passport funding like bookkeeping, payroll, scheduling support workers and bank fees for Passport-dedicated bank accounts.

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