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If you are managing all or a portion of your funds, you will need to submit your claims for reimbursement along with all required receipts.  You can either

  • Complete paper claims and submit them via fax or email.
  • Use the free online service My Direct Plan or

Fax or Email Paper Claims

All claims must be send to Family Service Toronto by email or fax. You complete a copy of your personalized Purchase of Service (POS) forms for every claim reimbursement request. You will email the POS form and all receipts to PassportOne in Toronto at or via fax to 1-416-943-6293.

 Tips for sending in your POS (claims) form:

  1. Make sure you are using a clean photocopy of your invoice form with each claim
  2. On Page 1 of your preprinted claims form it will have the name and code number of the Passport recipient. There are two sections on Page 1 asking:
    1. Total number of receipts/invoices – this is the total number of receipts not including the claim form pages.
    2. Total amount of receipts/invoices – this is the total value of your claim. (all support worker hours, millage, and other receipts added up). The total amount you are requesting to be reimbursed from PassportONE.
  3. The Person Managing Funds must sign Page 1 or your claim will not be paid.
  4. Do not send any other information but your claim sheets and copies of receipts to PassportONE
  5. In addition to Page 1, you will need to submit either pages 2, 3 and/or 4 of the POS form, depending on what types of claims you are seeking reimbursement for.
    1. Page 2 is required for each support worker’s hours and/or mileage. Your support worker must sign this page, and you must print their name clearly on the top.  You do not need to attach any receipts for this page.  You will need a new Page 2 for each support worker.
    2. Page 3 is required for each set of receipts relating to community participation. All related receipts must be attached and clearly legible.
    3. Page 4 is required for other claims, such as support worker meals. All related receipts must be attached and clearly legible.
  6. Save your forms and receipts somewhere safe, in case you need to resubmit the claim for some reason.
  7. If you need copies of your POS form, please contact us for POS forms.

My Direct Plan

An increasing number of Passport Recipients are using My Direct Plan successfully. To use this service, click on the link and create an online account and be sure to spell your client name exactly the way it is spelled in our system.  Ask your coordinator if you have any questions about how to get started with My Direct Plan.  The advantage to using My Direct Plan are that 1) fewer signatures are required; 2) the system often will catch issues with your claim before you submit it so you can fix them on the spot; and 3) you can monitor progress on your claim yourself.

PassportONE information videos

View videos for each of the forms you will need to use for PassportONE.

What if you need help filling out your POS forms?

If you are submitting fax or emailed claims directly to PassportOne and you have questions, please call or email your coordinator, or join us for a POS training session or during our Tuesday or Thursday Walk-In Hours in Hamilton from 1-3 pm.

If you are using MyDirectPlan, reach out to their help desk to troubleshoot any issues you are having.

What to Expect and How to get Help with Claims

 Please refer to our FAQ for common claim questions and answers

Your coordinator is your primary contact for all questions regarding your claims, changes in address, or other concerns. If you do not have it, please call us at 905-522-3304 and we will connect you with your coordinator.

Please remember to keep us up to date whenever

  • Your contact information (address, telephone) changes
  • Your banking information changes (if you are self-directing your funding)
  • When you hire a new support worker (you will need to complete a new Support Worker Registration form)
  • If you wish to change your broker, TPA or Service Agency
  • If you are moving to another region

Are you hiring support workers directly? 

Remember that whenever you hire a new support worker, you must submit a Support Worker Registration Form that includes the support worker’s contact information, signature, and the signature of the Person Managing Funds for the passport recipient. 

Link to Ministry guidance

Link to Tips on Bill 148


For Broker/Service Agency

When your client receives an Enhancement

When your client receives an enhancement, they will be notified directly by our agency.  You will not be notified by us.  It is the client’s responsibility to sign an updated Notification of Brokerage/Service Agency form with the enhanced funding amount.  If they do not sign this document, the funding will default to self-directed, which means you will not be able to submit claims against it.

Fiscal Year-end Expectations

All Notifications of Brokerage/Service Agency forms renew automatically at year end, so you will not have to submit new forms for existing clients.  We will expect you to submit all claims for the year in a timely fashion. 

Are you interested in applying for Passport funding?

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