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There are many forms that the Passport program uses and they will be provided to you as you need them. The two main forms you need are:

Your Purchase of Service (POS) Form

If you need copies of your personalized POS form click here and fill in the "Contact Us" form with your client code.

Once you are onboarded with the Passport program, we will email or mail you your personalized POS forms that are customized and barcoded with your name and address. You must always use these forms.  Make plenty of copies so you don’t run out.  Never use another person’s POS form and white out their name as the barcode will not be accurate.  For instructions on how to complete this form please see How to Submit Claims for Reimbursement.

Support Worker Information Form

This is the form you will use when you hire a new support worker, the Passport recipient (or someone they choose to assist them) must complete a Support Worker Information Form before submitting a claim for reimbursement.  This form ensures that the person hired is qualified to be a support worker. 

To qualify as a support worker, a person must be over 18, they cannot be the parent or primary care giver for the client, they cannot be the Person Managing Funds, and they cannot be the named Payee of the client (that is, Passport Reimbursements are not going directly into their bank account).

If a support worker is employed by a business that invoices separately, you do not need to complete a Support Worker Information Form.  This form is for private support workers that are not employed by a business and are working independently for you. Both the support worker and the person managing funds should sign this form.  Send the completed form to

Download the Support Worker Information Form here.

Tips for sending in your POS (claims) forms

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